Thursday, January 13, 2011

Une Semaine

So it's been one week since I arrived in France.  Wow, that is crazy.  I have seen and heard a lot of things.  Check my facebook for more photos.  An update.
  1. My host mom is soooooo sweet.  She is very accomidating and very kind.  But as is French culture meals take FOREVER because there are like 19.7 billion courses!  Cocktails, appetizers, main dish, side dishes, cheese, fruit, desert, coffee, it is OUT OF CONTROL!  lol
  2. I am still nervous talking to people in public but I am getting better.  There have been a few times I have walked in to stores and the shop owner started speaking English to me because he knew I was American and it is very discouraging.  However I am finding if you continue to speak French to them they will go along with it and seem to appreciate it.
  3. The French electrical system is stupid.  I already blew a fuse and am VERY NERVOUS I am going to do it again.  Come on France, lets up the voltage.
  4. French showers are equally as annoying.  You have to hold the shower head the whole time.  It is FREEZING.
  5. French wine, cheese and coffee (which is cheaper here than water, go figure) are the SHIT!  Never had a bad wine cheese of coffee, however after about 10am if you ask for coffee they will give you espresso.  Thanks Starbucks for preparing me for that one.
  6. Signing up for French classes is very difficult.  You actually have to go to different departments around the city to sign up for different classes.  THis is something I think Americans do better with the online system.
Oh god, so much more, but I need to get some sleep.  It is almost 1am here (but for the French it is 0:51 cause they use a 24 hr clock).  So goodnight toute la monde!

PS, IMA add a photo just for fun!
PS, it has been really rainy and overcast, but so the photo isn't great (thats Parisian winter!) but this is a fountain at La Place de la Concorde.

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