Friday, February 11, 2011


Everyone seems to have a French twin.  I swear to god I have seen everyone I have EVER KNOWN in France, except not.  And for the most part it is people I haven't seen in years!  For example, I was walking down Rue de Revoli the other day and I saw someone who I swear to GOD was Evan Yandel, this boy I went to high school with and haven't seen or thought about in years!  This happens every day.  And it is never logical.  It is never someone I am used to seeing every day.  It is never a Sarah Arrington or a Lisa Jablon or even a David Powell, but always some obscure person I haven't thought about in FOREVER!

Side note, went to see Oscar Wilde's grave.  Religous....Experience.  Its traditional to kiss it while wearing lipstick, but totally illegal.  Don't tell the French government, but I might have...
Photos Below.


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  1. Ahh you finally went! Quite something isn't it Leslie, I'm determined to go back with some lipstick and show Oscar my appreciation!!